New York Civil Rights Lawyer

Not all personal injury cases are based on negligence and involve physical damages. Some injuries involve violation of a person’s civil rights as a result of excessive force, false imprisonment or illegal search and seizure.

If you believe your personal civil rights have been violated, it is crucial to speak to an experienced civil rights attorney about your options for pursuing a claim. The attorneys at Sykes & Associates can help you identify whether you have a claim and then pursue the maximum compensation you deserve for the harm suffered.

1. Excessive Use Of Force

These cases are based on Federal and New York State laws that govern the conduct of law enforcement agents, who are only permitted to use reasonable force. When they cross the line physically or verbally, the victim can seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

2. Illegal Searches And Seizures

There are certain guaranteed constitutional rights that protect against government searches and the seizure of property. When these rights are violated, victims can seek redress by filing a lawsuit. If you have been illegally arrested, falsely imprisoned, subjected to police brutality, discriminated against or suffered any other civil rights violation, the lawyers at Sykes & Associates will fight on your behalf to seek justice and financial compensation for your pain and suffering.


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