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Topic: Do You Have a Viable Injury Case?

Just because you’ve been injured in an accident doesn’t necessarily mean you have a viable personal injury claim. To help figure out if you have a claim worth financial compensation, the following two requirements are necessary, and no claim exists if you can’t establish both elements.

1. Injury— You must have sustained an injury of some sorts. In New York, the injury must be a “serious” injury. The injury can of course be physical or of a mental/psychological nature—such as extreme emotional distress. Injuries are primarily established through treatment and the medical records there of.

2. Negligence— Some other individual’s “negligence” must have caused or played a substantial role in the accident/incident that harmed you.

These two requirements are just the bare minimum in deciding whether or not you have a viable case. There are other requirements that must also be met in addition to the above two. However, these additional requirements only become relevant if the first two requirements have been satisfied.


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